Hand Crafting Workshops at the Brookfield Craft Center Are Underway…

Hand Crafting Workshops at the Brookfield Craft Center are underway…the kids are having a wonderful time! Come see their work at the BCC June 28 Open Studio Demo Day! Brookfield Craft Center Open Studio Demo Day! Saturday June 28, 2014 Join Us Celebrate the tradition of hand craft, watch our artisans demo their talents, tour … Read more

Lathe Turning Basics Workshop 2014, Ages 11-14, Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18

Workshop Lathe Turning

You will be introduced to the craft of lathe turning through demonstration and hands-on practice. Each student will learn how to make an acrylic pen by using a pen kit and acrylic blanks. Our tabletop lathe and a variety of tools will be used to tooling, shaping, sanding, and polishing the acrylic blanks. Then we … Read more

Textured Bracelet Workshop 2014, Ages 10-18, Saturday May 17

Workshop 2014 Textured Bracelet

The Textured Bracelet Workshop shows students how to etch and ‘roll print’ patterns into metal to make a cuff bracelet. You will learn basic jewelry and metal forming skills including use of a rolling mill, hammers, mandrels, patina and finishing techniques. These are real metal smithing skills to get you started and intrigued with jewelry … Read more

Wire Work and Soldering Workshop 2014, Ages 8-18, Sunday June 1 and Sunday June 8

The Wire Work and Soldering Workshop shows you how to create a beautiful 2-3’ hanging wall art out of copper wire. You begin with a drawing of your intended object, translate it into copper wire, soldering all the joints together. Solder and soldering irons techniques will be taught as well as safety techniques. This piece … Read more

Father and Son Resin Casting Workshop 2014, Ages 8-14, Sunday May 18 and Sunday June 1

Workshop 2014 Resin Game Pieces

Create your own Resin Casting game pieces. Great father and son activity or student can attend with any adult. Each set of partners will use 2 part resin to make a custom checkers set. You will learn about different types of resin, as well as other uses for the medium. Several additive options will be … Read more

The Art of Weaving Workshop 2014, Ages 8-12, Saturday May 31

Workshop 2014 Art of Weaving

The Art of Weaving Workshop brings the ancient art of weaving to life as we explore the history of fabrics, the art of design through weaving, and the possibilities for their own creations. Discover weaving throughout world cultures, see how weaving opens up your artistic , creative side – you will work with color, design … Read more

Copper Repousse Workshop 2014, Ages 10-14, Saturday May 31 and Saturday June 7

2014 Workshop Copper Repousse

What do the Statue of Liberty and Paul Revere have in common? Repousse! Repousse is a metalworking process in which a malleable metal is shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief. Chasing is the opposite technique to repoussé, and the two are used in conjunction to create a … Read more

Introduction to Blacksmithing Workshop 2014, Ages 9-12, Saturday May 31 or Sunday June 1

Workshop 2014 Blacksmithing J-Hook

In a two hour class students will be introduced to the art and science of Blacksmithing. After a brief introduction to safe work habits and an outline of the craft, students will get hands on with hammer and anvil as they make a “J-Hook”. This beginner project gives good experience with a variety of basic … Read more

Mosaics Workshop 2014, Ages 10-18, Sunday June 1 and Sunday June 8

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Mosaics Workshop is a fun, hands-on workshop will teach how to plan, design, prepare the tesserae, create and grout a mosaic tile plaque. Different types of glazed tiles will be used while we discuss so many other types of material suitable for mosaic use. Safety and tool use will be explored as well as … Read more

Glass Fused Glass Blok Lights Workshop 2014, Ages 14-18, Sunday May 18 and Sunday June 1

Glass Blok Light

The Glass Fused Glass Blok Lights Workshop will introduce students to the fused glass terms and teach them fused glass techniques by creating a beautiful ‘Blok Light’. These are the same techniques used to make fused glass jewelry and bowls. We will explore the medium with topics including class compatibility, thermal shock, proper use of … Read more