Textured Bracelet Workshop 2014, Ages 10-18, Saturday May 17

Textured BraceletThe Textured Bracelet Workshop shows students how to etch and ‘roll print’ patterns into metal to make a cuff bracelet. You will learn basic jewelry and metal forming skills including use of a rolling mill, hammers, mandrels, patina and finishing techniques. These are real metal smithing skills to get you started and intrigued with jewelry making.

Taught by Suzanne Pisano

For ages 8-12, this class is limited to 8 students.

Saturday May 17 10-12 pm Jewelry Studio

Teacher Bio

Raised in southern New York State, Suzanne Pisano has always been interested in art. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in computer science from Iona College where she also studied art. She operates her studio in Newtown, Connecticut where she designs and produces fine jewelry, photographs and other handcrafted items.

Register for the Textured Bracelet Workshop

Please Note: You will receive an email confirmation of your place in class. If you select a class with two parts, please make sure you are able to attend both workshop dates. Finished workshop pieces will be kept for a Gallery Exhibit on Saturday, June 28th.

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