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Donation and membership contributions allow Brookfield Craft Center’s education programming, marketing initiatives, studios, gallery, campus and community of artists to operate with vitality and to fulfill our mission to teach and preserve the skills of fine craftsmanship.

It also enables creativity and personal growth through craft education. Our members and donors are a very important part of our success! You can donate or become a member online or by visiting Brookfield Craft Center in person. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 203-775-4526.

Many thanks to those who give anonymously, and to the following members, individual, corporate and in kind service donors:

Richard Bingham
Marianne Bo
Brothers Outdoor Service
Marianne Gaffey
Ken Rist
Barbara Uziel

Design Builders

Reid & Riege, P.C. Counsellors at Law

Collins Hannafin, P.C. Attorneys at Law