Brookfield Craft Center Vision Statement 2014

“… build, connect, create”

As the long anticipated re-vitalization of the Four Corners area of Brookfield is closer to realization, we at the Brookfield Craft Center intend to play an integral role in the fulfillment of that dream as we ourselves look to re-create what has long been a cornerstone of this community.

Just as there exists a geographic Four Corners, the Craft Center envisions four cornerstones that we believe are in line with this community renewal. Our vision includes the elements of Creativity, Education, Commerce and Recreation.

The Craft Center will continue to promote the advancement of crafts both traditional and modern, both regionally and nationally, by being both a Creative resource for established artisans and by greatly expanding our membership so that we continue to grow as an Educational center for all who want to develop their own creativity.

To remain vital, any redevelopment relies on Commerce and the Craft Center will be a central draw for all as we expand access to our sales gallery beyond the Holiday season to include an online store and year round special events.

Finally, through both the historic nature of our campus and the beauty of the river running through it, the Craft Center will be a place for the community and families to come together, recreate, gather, relax and re-connect.

We look, with excitement, to your joining us in this endeavor.

The Board of Directors
Brookfield Craft Center