glass class

Glass Studio

A community of enthusiastic artists and students call the Glass Studio at Brookfield Craft Center home. Lampwork, fused and stained glass classes are generally held as short Sampler Workshops or weekend workshops. Classes range from introductory to master-level, along with Lampwork Open Studio programs for independent practice. Lampwork beads are made using our 7 Minor torches fueled by oxy/propane and an annealing kiln. Small and large fused glass pieces are fired and slumped in “bathtub” and tabletop kilns.

Open Studio

Work independently on Lampwork projects in our Glass Studio at any scheduled open studio. Sessions must be used within 12 weeks of purchase. Eligible participants are current or recent students who have completed at least one class within the past 12 months. Current Craft Center members are also eligible to participate if they possess basic skills as determined by the studio monitor.