Blacksmith Forge

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Men and women of varying ages and interests travel from all over to engage in BCC’s spirited smithy community. The Good Forge houses 2 coal forges, 2 propane forges, welding equipment, safety equipment and hand and power tools needed to forge, sharpen and finish blades, tools, and functional and decorative steel objects. BCC’s blacksmithing, bladesmithing and welding workshops cater to absolute beginners, experienced students and hobbyists, and accomplished artisans. Sampler workshops of 3 to 4 hours offer glimpses into the program. Introductory through advanced workshops typically run weekend-long. Class size is limited, depending on the workshop to between 4 to no more than 8 students. Open Studio sessions on Friday evenings allow those with forging experience to work independently among fellow artists.

Open Studio:

Work independently in BCC’s Good Forge any Friday night 6-9 pm. The number of participants is limited, you must register in advance to participate. Enjoy this time to work on class projects and practice techniques. Eligible participants are current or recent BCC students who have completed at least one full-weekend introductory blacksmithing or bladesmithing class in the past 18 months. Current BCC members are also eligible to participate if they possess basic forge skills.