April 16-17: Five weekend classes available

Tomahawk making at Brookfield Craft Center
Tomahawk making at Brookfield Craft Center

April 16-17 is a busy weekend at Brookfield Craft Center!  Take your pick of  a unique class in fiber arts, glass, jewelry making, blacksmithing, or woodturning… there’s something here to suit your fancy.

All of these classes are either 1-2 day workshops and are designed for students who are just starting in each craft (see each course for details).  Make a plan to spend some time with us this weekend.

April 16 Fiber Arts Wire Ribbon Garden w/Mayann Weinberg: 10a-4p (Saturday, LTB Studio)
April 16-17 Glass Pendants, Marbles and More w/Morgan HK Schwartz: 10a – 4p (Saturday/Sunday, Glass Studio, Railroad Building)
April 16-17 Jewelry Faux Bone w/Robert Dancik: 10a – 4p (Saturday/Sunday, Metals Studio, Mill Building)
April 16-17 Metal Tomahawk Making w/Joe Szilaski: 10a – 4p (Saturday/Sunday, The Good Forge)
April 16-17 Woodturning Three-Legged Stool w/Jim Degen: 10a – 4p (Saturday/Sunday, Turning Studio, Railroad Building)