The Accessible Artist Gallery Exhibition Delivers Successful Artist’s Reception at BCC

Highly anticipated and newly delivered gallery exhibition, “The Accessible Artist” — showcasing fine art and craft by disabled artists — emerges with a substantial turnout during its June 22nd artist reception at Brookfield Craft Center. Guests gathered in BCC’s Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery with overwhelming participation and support towards the exhibited artists and fellow community members during a stormy afternoon. 

Guests walking through the right, back section of the gallery.


Twenty-three artists were celebrated with over forty pieces of art on display. Guest curator Danielle Ellie Nielsen reflects on her first exhibition’s success as a “victory for all of the participants and our community.”

Danielle Ellie (left) and Sean Santori (right) with his painting, “The Red One”.

Many visitors chimed with overwhelming praise, describing the exhibition as invaluable, as there is a lack of support for individuals with disabilities, let alone a space in which they can see their work pridefully displayed. For some guests, it was an emotional experience to see their friends and loved ones’ artwork commemorated, in addition to this exhibition being the first gallery experience for some of the artists. Feedback received during the reception describes the show as “something (we’ve) never seen before.”

Alan Brooks celebrates his first exhibition with his three graphite drawings.
Leslie Schwarzschild (right) stands proudly next to two of her three works on display (left).
Danielle Ellie (left) sitting with exhibited artist Rachel Litt (right).

“The Accessible Artist” is on display from Saturday, June 15th to Sunday, July 14th, 2024. BCC proactively works to make its campus more accessible and welcoming. “This is an extraordinary exhibition and experience,” says Executive Director Howard Lasser. “We at BCC are proud to give these amazing artists this opportunity to share their work and their passion.” This exhibition garners hopes of a second display in the coming year, acting as a driving force and initiative to bring more support, accommodation, and acceptance to individuals with disabilities.


More about the exhibition, including the virtual display of the artist’s work and a video walkthrough, can be found here.

View of the left front side of the gallery. Photo taken prior to the reception.