Signs of Home - Works by Terrence Tougas

Brookfield Craft Center is pleased to present a unique exhibit of photographs and wood work of noted local artist Terrence Tougas.  An opening event and artist’s reception will be held on July 20th, from 5-8pm in the Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery at 286 Whisconier Road.  The exhibit will continue through August 11th.  Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday noon – 5pm, Saturday 11-5pm, Sunday Noon – 4pm.

Signs of Home, the title of this collection, is intentionally ambiguous. There are those objects called signs; with words, symbols, or images that direct or inform us. Alternatively, there are those vestiges, traces or signs that indicate the presence or passing of people and their actions – the toys left scattered in a yard, the barn falling down and being reclaimed by nature, the construction of houses where once there was farmland.

Through the integration of photography and his woodwork, Terry connects two distinct crafts.  Between the viewing and physical manifestations, this achieves a linking between the seeing and the touching worlds.  As he says: “My interest lies with both as a means to reflect on the immediate world around me. The concept of home has many facets and many meanings. For me, home is where you are comfortable and unguarded in your actions and interactions. It is the collection of the familiar – places, objects, people. It is constantly changing – sometimes in small and gradual ways; sometimes abruptly and drastically. Home is where you can be your true self.”