Glass & Jewelry Studio Showcase

Tracing the process from materials to works of art!

Brookfield Craft Center is pleased to present a showcase of our work from our Glass and Jewelry artists.  The Craft Center annually hosts an exhibition of work from one of its 8 craft studios.  This year’s show will be a unique experience, featuring not only the outcome of the artists creative endeavors but will also focus on the creative process. 

The exhibition will showcase the processes, materials and finished works that reflect the possibilities for artistic development and expression our students learn in our many creative classes. Displays will include examples of rough materials and tools used and show the steps our talented faculty and students take to transform them into beautiful works of art. 

 “This is an inspiring exhibition” remarked Howard Lasser the Craft Center’s Executive Director. “Here we show that with a little inspiration and guidance from our faculty everyone, regardless of prior experience, can create something wonderful.”

 The exhibition in the Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery opens August 24 and runs through September 15th.  

 Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday Noon – 5PM; Saturday 11-5PM; Sunday Noon – 4PM.