Missy Stevens Thread Painting and Ceramics to be Exhibited at Brookfield Craft Center

Sun Flower's Garden Brookfield Craft Center is proud to present a unique exhibit by Artist and Thread Painter Missy Stevens. An opening event and reception, with the artist will be held on Saturday, July 8, from 5:00 to 8 pm. The exhibit will continue showing from opening till July 29.

Missy Stevens is a visual builder, infusing fabric with technique and sensibilities from painting. The thread paintings are loop pile embroidery, where even her color choice gain in extra dimensional and magnetic quality, as color is represented by pronounced thread. The result is an experience at once visual, yet bound by a tactile sensation from the thread. Steven’s approach evolved at a turning point for the artist, where she answered the question of what her passion is with the combination of art and fabric. In her works, inspired by nature and a spiritual exploration, are evocative images of a refined ability to combine, where all things stand up and reach out in the experience we have with them, Stevens leads the audience with a familiar perspective and passageways to the unrevealed life of her subject, in tandem. Stevens’ craft came at an early age, making styles for her troll dolls as a child, and then later for herself, emphasizing that, “they were not the same!” Textiles as a medium have always been important to her, as the progress of her work illustrates the monument to her origins bridging to thread sculpture, three dimensional objects almost clothed, or in part made of clothing, as seen in the piece Moon Crown. Her career would find a fulcrum while attending New England College in NH, where, she became influenced by the contemporary art scene in Manhattan, and then would go on to study and graduate from Boston University’s, Program In Artisanry.

The veteran of many shows, including several at Brookfield Craft Center, Stevens’ work has been decorated with several awards like the Craftsman’s Choice Award, from the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC., and her work added to the collection of the Museum of Art And Design, in New York City. Stevens’ work is well traveled, included in shows and exhibits reaching from across the United States to around the globe. Stevens currently resides in Washington, CT.

All are welcome to attend and meet the artist at the opening reception on June 8, from 5:00 – 8 pm at the Lynn Tender Bignell Gallery, located at 286 Whisconier Road in Brookfield, CT. The event is free and donations are encouraged. Refreshments will be served.