Saturday, December 28th 2013, TAX FREE SHOPPING TODAY!

! ! ! TAX FREE TODAY ! ! !

Tired of looking everywhere for your keys?? Well, take a look at these magnetic key holders. Beautifully handcrafted with inlaid wood, the magnets are so strong you can hang a whole hank of keys on there and they won’t move. No one needs to go crazy looking for keys!

We also have a 10% discount on ALL pieces in the gallery, PLUS random discounts up to 40% on select items.

Get down here today between 10am-6pm for great deals!!!

12/29 Sunday 11am-4pm
12/30 Monday 10am-6pm
12/31 Tuesday 10am-3pm
1/1 Wednesday CLOSED
1/2 Thursday 10am-6pm
1/3 Friday 10am-6pm
1/4 Saturday 10am-6pm
1/5 Sunday 11am-4pm (Last Day)