Make This Holiday Warm and Memorable

As a child my mother and I would bundle up in our warmest clothing and wait for the bus to Bridgeport to Christmas shop. The stores were lit with twinkling lights and holiday carols would be playing in all of the stores. After filling our arms with packages we would head to the Woolworth’s lunch counter, where I was allowed to pick one balloon, which hung just out of my reach. Inside would be a number and that is what we would pay for a banana split which we shared.

I am honoring my delightful memory this Sat and Sun, December 7 and 8. The fused pendants pictured above as well as a few earrings will be on our holiday tree along with a bunch of balloons. You will be able to choose a balloon and the price inside it will be what you will pay for the piece of jewelry you choose. The prices will range from $1 to $10. The value of the work ranges from $15 to $22!  Please join me in celebrating the Holiday season! Or perhaps bring your child and create your own delightful memory!

Wishing you a warm and memorable Holiday Season!
Ginger Nelsen
Gallery Director

There is a limited number of pieces – first come first serve!

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